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About Us

About CAF

Managed by Invermaster LLC, Crypto Assets Fund II is a set of SPV's (special purpose vehicles) created to invest in Blockchain Companies and Selected Crypto Projects.

CAF II will invest mainly in a Pick & Shovel strategy in the distributed ledger technology space. A pick-and-shovel play is an investment strategy that buys securities in the tools, infrastructure, or services a particular industry used to produce the actual product or service.

In a pick-and-shovel play in Blockchain, an investor might buy stock in an industry provider instead of actual cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Using CAF II investing vehicles, we actively invest in crypto projects and companies, such as:

  • Venture Capital Funds

  • Exchanges

  • Over the Counter desks

  • Payments

  • Network tokens

  • Utility layer 1 & 2

  • Infrastructure

  • Stable Coins

  • Lending

  • Dexes

  • Liquidity pools

  • Derivatives

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